Calling Most Voice Actors!

2015-12-16 11:20:47 by Brunited

I'm in need of a few voice actors for an upcoming project.
You can read about it here:

If you have any other questions OR you do not have a DA account to enter a submission with, feel free to email:

Exciting News!

2015-09-27 18:38:22 by Brunited

Whoa, been some time. Howdy!

So, I've been a tad busy, planning for the future, drawing comics, and what have you. I've even got a small comic tournament and a design challenge coming up in October. (Keep up with that progress here - )

Recently went through Undertale and BOY is that my new favorite game of all time now. Highly recommend:

Anywho, back from the tangent. I've a game idea years in the making and at LONG last, the idea is starting to come to fruition. It'll take time to see the progress as of now, but until then, expect a few more animations from myself before that... or don't, I'm not certain what will come first. (Keep up with that here - )

One thing is certain: This game is a dream of mine. It will happen.

It's coming.


Ov̡er t̛he̕ ḿǫon...

P͢ast the͢ st͏ar͞s̡.͞.͡.

L̢ies͟ ơur͝.̨.͠. ͘s̴ec̵ond̕.̕.͟.̢?

O͏ụr̼̖͠.̦͕.̡̮͎̘̦̙͇.̮̮̟̣͎͚ͅ ̟̙̮S̫̪͍̫͞ͅe̯̯̟͝c̝͇̰o͟n̤̫̪d̫̪̜̗͠ ͈̼͍W͉̗̦o̝̼r͏͍̫͖ͅḻ͙̬̭̼͓d.̦͎̫̠͕̻̪.̣͕͓̭̹.̣͔͓̥̰

Voice Actor call.

2015-08-07 22:06:43 by Brunited

I may or may not need a voice actor soon for an incredibly ridiculous/serious animation/song. Any voice may be used.

If you're interested, message me your reel or demos with a Dropbox/SendSpace link.



2015-06-05 14:49:51 by Brunited

Seem's I have ideas for this years NATA and TOFA. I'll see what I can manage.

Whoot whoot, hazzah and what not.